The CINOVERSE is a METAVERSE gaming platform with infinite ways to HAVE FUN and WIN BIG! Our hero, ORO , a cosmic, digital Orobouros, governs from above - blessing the $CINO community with exciting ways to EARN, GAMBLE and put your skills to the test. ORO has many forms, and when he comes down to Earth he morphs to ‘Lil’ ORO’ so he can hit some parties, drive lambos, and hop on some memes.

The CINOVERSE is traveling at light-speed from galaxies far away, so in the meantime we are offering classic gaming and gambling experiences with our cosmic twist.

The CINOVERSE is built for next level interactions -
Virtual real estate, showrooms, music soundstage, crypto trading floor, jet pack fast travel, VIP lounge, custom avatars, skill based games, casino based games, open map environment with ability to communicate with other members, live events, showcases, Blue Chip NFTs as jackpots, whatever the community wants ORO will manifest!

PLAY 2 EARN: The CINOVERSE will provide the unique opportunity for holders to play and earn within our ecosystem. By establishing community roles such as dealers, slot attendants, NFT gallery salespeople and more, we allow users a myriad of venues to generate $CINO .

The ultimate play to earn ecosystem built around gaming and gambling. BE THE HOUSE!



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